How to Fix Parrot Kali Linux won't connect Internet without AnonSurf 2023

If you got DNS probe or something after not connect AnonSurf version 3 or newer on ParrotSec or Kali Linux may this article will help you to solve your problem.

The problem is cause your resolv.conf  cannot loaded your DNS. For example, you still can ping google dns "" but if try install apt package your connection not establish. nah to solve this problem is simple.

First start AnonSurf to access Internet. after doing that open your terminal console & follow this step.

Step 1: install resolvconf

sudo apt-get install resolvconf

install resolvconf

Step 2: disable AnonSurf (Open GUI AnonSurf) or

sudo anonsurf stop

Step 3: Run resolvconf following this command

sudo resolvconf -u

Step 4: Run DNSTOOL add google DNS or you can follow debian wiki configuration.

sudo dnstool address

DNStool linux

Step 5: Open your browser and try open any webpage again. Reboot your machine if it doesn’t work.

Done, your problem solved

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